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Gear for Day Walks

Suggestions for things to pack and wear on a day walk

Gear for day walks varies on the length and grade of the walk as well as weather conditions and how remote the track is.

Walks become more remote the further they are from roads and mobile reception. In remote areas and on longer/harder walks carry more emergency supplies and stuff to help cope with the unexpected. On short, easy walks, just carry the basics.

Day-walks can be split into three types:

  • Well marked tracks, not too steep or long: Grade 1-2.
  • Longer tracks, steeper sections, but still on well-defined tracks: Grade 3 walks.
  • Longer, remote walks, with steep difficult sections. Can be part or all off-track: Grade 4-6 walks.

For Grade 1-2 walks carry basic gear including any personal medication. For grade 3 walks, carry a more comprehensive kit to cope with changing conditions. For grade 4-6 walks, pack a full gear kit.

The group can share certain items (e.g. first aid kit), although on longer, harder walks, it’s best for everyone to carry at least some items to help cope with the unexpected (e.g. whistle, space blanket, backup food).

Carry a PLB on walks that go outside mobile phone reception regardless of the grade or length.

Download the Day Walk Gear Checklist.



Everything you need to know about bushwalking shoes

Follow your feet. Unknown

Suitable footwear makes for a far more enjoyable bushwalk, and nowadays there’s a vast array of footwear options to choose from. Bushwalkers can be seen using anything from runners through to medium-weight boots depending on temperature conditions and terrain, but each shoe type has trade-offs around comfort, protection, and weight to name a few. Views vary, from walkers being very keen on their type or brand, to accepting anything that fits their general requirements. More experienced walkers may have a range of footwear, and select the pair best suited for the trip. It’s important that all footwear is well fitted and kept in good condition before, during and after walks.